3 Point Shootout

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3 Point Shootout

3 Point Shootout at Cool Math Game. Point Shootout is an arcade basketball shooting game. Click and hold your mouse button on a ball. Move forward for power/distance. Release to shoot. All regular shots are worth 2 points, the bonus ball 3 points. For every 25 points scored you get 10 seconds extra time to the clock. Overtime mode activates for last 20 seconds of the game. Regular shots are worth 3 points, the bonus ball 6 points! Score as many points as you can within the given time limit. Score and remaining time is on top of the game window.

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  • harder deeper harder deeper 2 month ago

    ohh yea

  • lamaya lamaya 3 month ago

    that is rude to say my grandmom shots better that makes me feel bad stupid it should say try harder this is dumb

  • Edgar Edgar 3 month ago

    To easy

  • Chasity Chasity 8 month ago


  • JEFFY JEFFY 8 month ago