Heads Racing

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Heads Racing

Heads Racing at Cool Math Game. Take the new 1 on 1 racing Sports Heads Racing challenge and win all competitions with the character of your choice. Your goal is to build up speed by jumping and flipping through the air to place 2nd or better to unlock the next race.

Controls: Arrows = Drive, Space = Jump, B = Booster

5 + 9 = ?
  • cole cole 1 week ago

    really youve got to be kidding me to easy

  • Hailey Hailey 4 week ago

    that question was so easy i am in 5th grade

  • patrick patrick 1 month ago

    so easy

  • john cena john cena 1 month ago

    so easy

  • Tanaj Tanaj 2 month ago

    it sucks