Rainbow Poop

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Rainbow Poop

Rainbow Poop at Cool Math Game. Rainbow Poop Game Poor poop! It has to do its business, but there is no toilet nearby. Help the cute, rainbow-colored pile of shit to make it through what comes next. Run and jump along platforms while dodging falling toilet papers. The Rainbow Poop game is a tribute to all the crap of the World. Have fun!

Controls: Arrows = Move / Jump

6 + 5 = ?
  • Your Mommy Your Mommy 1 month ago


  • Isabella McIvor Isabella McIvor 5 month ago

    How do you do this ?

  • Cooking With Funtime Freddy Cooking With Funtime Freddy 11 month ago

    To Bob: Hahahahaha. Well keep in mind not all goodies are good bakers. Try making a microphone cake XD!!! Just wait and see how that turns out!

  • bob bob 2 year ago

    i love rainbow i also like to make rainbow poop it looks awsome in the toilet and i recomend this game for poop lovers it also tastes delishious and its easy to make