Learn to Fly 3

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Learn to Fly 3

Learn to Fly 3 at Cool Math Game. Can you learn to fly up to the moon even if you are a fat penguin? This is the third sequel of the funny distance launcher game full of upgrades, in which you need to help the bird to reach his desired destination. Your objective in Learn Fly 3 is to launch the penguin through the sky as far as possible and buy upgrades for more awesomeness.

Controls: Arrows = Move, Space = Booster

2 + 6 = ?
  • hi hi 2 week ago

    i like this game

  • OhhiMark OhhiMark 4 month ago


  • human human 4 month ago


  • Chingalingafinhg Chingalingafinhg 10 month ago

    LOVE IT. Bradon, please use better words.

  • bradon bradon 12 month ago

    this sucks