Wormax io

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Wormax io

Wormaxio at Cool Math Game. Move around the endless screen and don't stop eating to grow into the biggest worm in Wormaxio. In this fun-addicting online multiplayer game you have to kill other players and eat them in order to grow and get a higher score. Be the worm leader of the game in!
Controls: Mouse

1 + 2 = ?
  • Juju Juju 3 week ago


  • Grace Grace 1 month ago

    I can do Math!

  • Ethan Ethan 2 month ago

    no i win

  • maria maria 3 month ago

    i'm going to be correct

  • Woofa Del Butto Woofa Del Butto 4 month ago

    I haz better eniglish I say 1000/10